Shin Megami Tensei Dressing Room

The Shin Megami Tensei Series Dressing Room
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Hey there! You've stumbled upon the Shin Megami Tensei Dressing Room, a roleplay community dedicated to the overall Megaten series. That means anything from Digital Devil Saga, Persona, Devil Summoner, the original SMT, or whatever is allowed. If you just want to kick back and enjoy some RPing in this series, then feel free to join!


Get along with everybody. Please keep your dramu and wank and whatever issues you have out of the community. We're here to have fun and enjoy ourselves, not cause problems for everyone else. Have a problem? Contact a mod!

Character journals only please. Roleplay community, guys. Please do your best to limit OOC discussions! All and any characters are allowed, whether it's from an existing RP or not. We're all here for mingling!

Multiples and AUs are allowed. Sorry, you're not going to be the only one playing your character. Have fun with that :D That said..

AU =/= OOC. Want to play superhero Hitoshura? Fine by us--just make sure he's the wangsty teen we know and love. We're all for unique ideas, but it's never as fun when they're wildly unlike their original.

Keep general netiquette in mind. Don't go crazy on your threadhops, try not to take things too far, and treat this community as you'd like to be treated. Be sure to try and stick to grammar and spelling. Slipups now and again are A-OK and perfectly human, but no tipin liek dis plzzsss.

Mods are here if you need anything. No, really, we can fix any problems you've got. Said modly types are:
Mizu (fujitsubo) - AIM @ KirijouKaichou/gekka no kimi
Duskino (atoli) - AIM @ use garu skills
Alternatively, PMing works, too.

→ For OOC discussions and mingling, head on over to smtdrooc! If you're interested in visiting our IRC Channel, please look here!

The community layout codes are from minty_peach.